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what’s this? it appears to be a library…

while perhaps not so grand as a wizard’s tower stacked high with mystic tomes, nor quite so cozy as a warm book shop on a rainy day, this small (but growing) collection of digital, printable zines is proud to be a part of the time-honored tradition of the library: that of giving words away for free.

a bi flag with text that says "YOU can be bisexual" and a pointing finger image that gestures towards the viewer

YOU Can Be Bisexual

an informational-comedy zine all about advancing the Bisexual Agenda™️

if it has never occurred to you that you can be bisexual… then this zine is for you! within it you will find:

  • some common myths about bisexuality, dispelled by the POWER of FACTS
  • a list of men (yes, really) who are bisexual (in case you didn’t believe such a thing could be)
  • some (but not all) of the amazing perks that come with bisexuality

created using nathalie lawhead’s Electric Zine Maker and Jeremy Oduber’s EZM Reader.

glitch art upon which is superimposed the text: "If Poems Were Dogs These Would Be Loyal Ones, a zine by lore lopez"

If Poems Were Dogs, These Would Be Loyal Ones

a tiny collection of poetry about regret and love/hate relationships for your reading enjoyment, and also my first foray into the wonderful world of nathalie lawhead’s Electric Zine Maker.

html “book” on created with Jeremy Oduber’s EZM Reader.

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