an illustration styled like a medieval or fantasy shop sign which says "game shoppe: interactive stories & tabletop amusements"

welcome to my game shoppe!

this “storefront,” if you will (for the moment nothing costs any money at all) is only a small sampling of the wares i have available. please head over to my page if you would like to see every game i have published, including prototypes and game jam projects!

Judgement & Justice

A campy, lightweight supplemental framework for D&D 5e that enables players to take on the role of defense attorneys and prosecutors locked in a battle for truth and for justice. Investigate crime scenes, puzzle over clues, cross-examine witnesses, and most importantly, shout “OBJECTION!” at the top of your lungs! 

What you get: 12 pages of rules for crafting your very own Ace-Attorney-style mystery,  complete with suggestions for building a defense and prosecution team, running investigation scenes, managing a court record, and of course, running the final high-stakes showdown in court.

What I get: Your comments and shares, if you please (you can leave comments on Your dollars, if you’re feeling generous. Most of all, the feeling of satisfaction that somebody is getting a kick out of the goofy Ace-Attorney-themed 5e hack that I made but which no one asked for.

Note: this supplement was designed with D&D 5e in mind, but most likely can be adapted to any similar roleplaying system that supports rolling dice to determine the success or failure of a given action. If you decide to try running J&J with a non-D&D base system, let me know how it goes!

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