hey! it’s good to have you here.

so you’re wondering about who I am, huh?

well, i’m a game designer, writer, and composer, but you may have gathered that already from the fun little tabs at the top of this website.

i’m an Indigenous Xicano (Tecuexe & Caxcan) living on Coahuiltecan lands in texas. i’m also 2spirit (you can use they/them or he/him pronouns for me). all these things influence my work in different ways. you may notice a lot of cowboys—Indigequeer cowboys, for the most part. i also like vampires, and you will probably notice that too. better yet if we’re talking cowboy vampires, or vampire cowboys.

currently, all my projects—games, music, stories—are available for free. this is because i think capitalism sucks, and i want everyone to have access to the things i make without worrying about how they’re going to pay for it. however, if you have the means, i greatly appreciate tips and donations, which you can contribute either through downloading my projects off itch.io or through direct payments via ko-fi.

thanks for dropping by! i hope you stay a while, and come back soon.

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