frequently asked questions

why do you type using all lowercase sometimes, and mixed case other times?

the short answer? it’s just how i type.

the longer answer? all-lowercase feels more visually pleasing to me, and speaking for myself, i find it is easier and faster to read. i also enjoy the relaxed, down-to-earth effect that all-lowercase has on tone when communicating online—when i use all lowercase, i am speaking to you as i would to a friend, or to someone i have just met at a cafe, or a fellow hiker i have encountered on an outing into the woods. we are on the same level, and we are here, present with each other, in the moment. that is the tone that all-lowercase conveys to me, anyway.

(some people use all-lowercase to convey a sense of detachment, or casual non-investment. that is not my intent.)

i usually use mixed case when i am writing a complete work of fiction, such a short story, or in copy text for a project if i feel its content necessitates a more formal tone.

i typically write my own name in lowercase (lore lopez). it is fine if you need to write it in uppercase, i won’t be upset.

there are certain words that i always capitalize, such as Indigenous, Black, and the names of Indigenous nations and other marginalized peoples. this is to convey respect. i also always capitalize the names of other people who do not prefer for their names to be written in lowercase.

in summary: lowercase is how i convey a calm, mindful, informal presence in my direct communication. mixed case is a style that i may choose to employ to convey a formal tone in projects, to respect the name of another person or people, or because it is a convention that is often required in published writing. all lowercase is lore, mixed case is an affectation.

will you post about your personal life? will you post pictures of yourself? will you tell us if your name is a pen name, or your real name?

no. unless i change my mind. you, however, will not change my mind.

none of that stuff is secret, but i also don’t want to share it here.

can we work together on a project?

maybe! please feel welcome to reach out to me via the contact form on this website.

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