hi, i’m lore.

i’m an independent writer, game designer & composer.

i make weird fiction and TTRPGs. my music is also weird, but only a little bit. please, feel free to peruse my wares!

coming soon to lorefiend.com

we can dance if we want to

a photo of a disco ball with dancing people visible behind it.

a bizarre tabletop rogue-like (kind of) about dance music, time loops, and possibly one or more ghosts.



photo of the full moon visible behind clouds with the silhouette of a castle in the foreground.

an interactive fiction where generational trauma is a vampire that won’t stay dead.

FALL 2023

Return to Calvaria

a fairy-tale-style illustration of a green dragon.

a nostalgic concept album inspired by memories, both good & bad, of time spent playing dungeons & dragons.


(upcoming project images are not final art and are used here in accordance with the terms of the Pixabay license)

a circular close-up illustration of a long-haired character kneeling and holding a sword.

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