an illustration of a cassette tape on which the words have been written "lore's awesome mixtape (it's fire)"

all the music on this page is for you to download and listen to in any way of your choosing, but you may not repurpose it or redistribute it without my permission. emailing an audio file for your friend to listen to is fine, burning a CD and selling it super isn’t. feel free to contact me if you have questions.

you want tunes? we got tunes.

picture this: you’re taking a stroll down the streets of lorefiend village, enjoying the sights—perhaps you just stopped by the game shoppe, or the library. as you round the corner, you spy a small, one-story building cozily nestled between edifices… it’s a record store! as you push open the door (it creaks almost musically), an atmospheric refrain rises through the air. stacked high on shelves around you are record sleeves, cassette tapes, and music boxes, interrupted now and again by the odd MP3 player. the most striking thing of all is a small sign placed upon the counter, handwritten on a sticky note: “everything free.”

a post-apocalyptic cityscape illustrated with warm light and cool shadows

the earthbound princess EP

the Earthbound Princess EP is a collection of VGM-style songs that i wrote inspired by a D&D mini-campaign that my friend ran in fall 2021. each track was inspired by one of the player characters, with the exception of “earthbound princess,” which was based off an NPC.

full disclosure: this EP is available to listen to for free on spotify. however by downloading it here or on, you 1) are freed from the shackles of corporate greed and receive MP3 files that you can play on basically anything, and 2) you have the option of donating to support the artist (me). and i would appreciate that!

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